Luke Piro

Drummer and Vocalist


Luke's Bio

Band: Luke Piro and the Low-Income Socialites
Home: Campbell, California
Music Style: American roots ( rock n roll, R&B, western swing, jazz, country and western)
Three things i never travel without: Cell phone, sunscreen and hair grease
When I'm not playing my drums, I can usually be found: Shopping for cool stuff
Dig: Women, food and music
Don't Dig: Hypocrites, posers and weak drinks
Really don't dig: People that don't know when to stop talking!
Favorite Tequilla: Don Julio
Favorite Rum: ZAYA
Favorite Band: The Derailers
Love: Margaritas on the rocks with salt, with chips, salsa and guacamole
Biggest fear: People with no sense of humor
Favorite hairspray: Aqua net extra super hold
Favorite place to buy stage threads: Stiches in Las Vegas, Second hand stores in Boulder City
Self described: Mocha junkie
Favorite winery: Savannah Chanelle, Saratoga, California
Favorite restaurant: The Salt Lick in Driftwood, Texas
Favorite grocery store: Laurenzo's Italian market in North Miami Beach, Flordia

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